Instant pay for independent contractors

Avoid the invoice cycle and unlock your earnings with Qwil today!

Unlock your earnings today. It’s easy!


Go out and earn as you normally do! Any of your earnings that are locked up in an invoicing cycle will show up as "unpaid earnings" in the Qwil app.


Cash Out

Whenever you have unpaid earnings you can "cash out" at any time.



When you cash out, you can receive funds instantly on the Qwil debit card, which can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Alternatively, Qwil can deposit directly to your bank account, arriving within 2-3 business days (usually arrives next day).


Cash when you need it

Qwil collects a small transaction fee as a percentage of the total amount of cashed out business earnings. No compounding interest and no recurring subscription fees. It's there when you need it and you aren't charged when you don't!

Have independent contractors?
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Give your contractors the gift of instant pay without impacting your cash flow. We can handle all payouts and compliance for you as well!

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