Give your independent contractors the love they deserve.

Qwil pays your independent contractors instantly without impacting your cashflow!

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Independent contractor management platform

One dashboard to manage your independent contractor workforce.

Managing your independent contractors is a breeze

Automated Payments

API-driven and fully automated.

Payment Scheduling

Set an invoice cycle to manage your cash flow.

We'll Handle Compliance

Qwil conducts identity verification, bank account verification and will issue 1099s for you.

Retain The Best

We provide support and services for your workforce, helping you attract and retain the best talent out there.

Qwil <3s independent contractors

Show them the love with instant pay through Qwil! Through our service, your independent contractors can receive their earnings instantly and avoid waiting 30, 60 or 90 days without impacting your cash flow.

Other financial and support services are forthcoming as well. Because at Qwil we believe that they're people, not vendors.

Simple pricing

$1 per active independent contractor per cycle.
That’s it. Literally.